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At Lunar, you have the power to be you

In a world where you can be anything, we just want you to be you. Join us and change the way we power our planet.

Power to be extraordinary

We take our mission seriously and act with a sense of urgency—moving fast and driving action. We empower everyone to solve problems differently, make bold decisions and build for lasting change.

Power to be valued

We know that for all of us to do our best work we need to rally behind shared values. This is what we’re all committed to at Lunar.

We’re a united team
We choose to trust
We take the lead
We’re curious and courageous
We succeed, when our customers succeed

Power to be supported

We’re creating a remarkable employee experience beyond offering competitive salary, benefits and equity in a growing company.

Love where you work

Lunar is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA, and we also have UK offices in London and Manchester. You can work from any of our offices or remotely for specific roles.

Enjoy time off

We work hard and at a fast pace, but we believe in a healthy work/life balance. We encourage employees to take time off for their wellbeing in order to return refreshed.

Work with the best

Our team has a proven track record of building energy products, and we know that a great idea can come from anywhere. Lunar’s collaborative and inclusive culture allows for everyone to contribute, create and make an impact.

Make a global impact

Lunar is deploying its products to homes in the US, UK and Japan with plans to expand further. Our mission—to transition homes to 100% clean energy—is critical and our impact needs to be global to make a meaningful difference.

Detailed list of location-specific benefits available upon application.

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