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Gridshare: the digital backbone of the grid built with  15+ years of experience

The digital backbone of the energy transition

Lunar Gridshare is a cloud-based software platform for distributed energy resources (DER), enabling connected, smart, all-electric homes at scale.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Gridshare optimizes DER behavior to save customers money, reduces carbon emissions and prepare homes for incoming storms.

Gridshare then aggregates thousands of smart homes together and dispatches them as a virtual power plant (VPP), helping to keep the grid stable, unlock more renewable energy capacity, and reduce customer bills.

A paradigm shift in residential DER optimization, proven at scale

Our platform is connected to 35,000+ residential battery systems around the world


Gridshare brings all your devices together in one place, giving you control and confidence as your fleet scales, as well as the ability to serve your own customer app with data from our API.


Gridshare generates optimal DER control schedules based on customer rate plans and machine learning predictions of household consumption and solar generation.


With Gridshare you can visualize and analyze detailed behavior of individual assets and your fleet, helping you to manage customers’ needs and provide them with a fantastic experience.


With a proven track record of tens of thousands of optimized batteries across multiple countries, Gridshare delivers optimal value and seamless experience in any market setting.

A market leading, device-agnostic residential VPP platform

Gridshare uses AI to co-optimize behind-the-meter savings of DERs and VPP revenue opportunities, ensuring maximum value for customers, fleet owners and grid operators.

With VPPs in the UK and USA, and with pioneering trials rolling out in Japan, Gridshare is delivering flexibility contracts across the globe.

Gridshare is a scalable, device agnostic platform that integrates with and controls 3rd party DERs, delivering an optimal fleet dispatch based on detailed site-by-site ML predictions.