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Lunar Gridshare

Managing the world’s distributed energy resources

*Gridshare enabling grid services over 24hrs across the San Francisco Bay Area, November 2022: Gold = Charging / Lilac = Discharging to the grid. Actual device locations modified for privacy purposes.

Lunar Gridshare is a leading energy management platform, designed to optimize millions of DER in increasingly dynamic markets. 

It connects with 3rd party devices, creates detailed predictions of household and fleet energy behavior, and maximizes value for customers and the grid. 

Proven globally



residential battery systems connected globally



distributed energy connected to the platform



operating across North America, Europe and Asia



grid services delivery to date



data handled compared to competitors



customer bill savings in Japan through optimization

Trusted by global companies

Gridshare delivers value across the energy ecosystem


Integrate with DER in order to offer innovative customer propositions and reduce your wholesale energy costs.

Utilities and Network Operators

Turn DER into valuable network resources to provide reserves, lessen distribution constraints, or manage grid frequency.

Fleet owners
and installers

View multi-device fleets in one place, act on fleet and device data, and maximize the value of your assets.


Improve savings to end customers, enable VPP revenue, and give corporate buyers confidence your devices will integrate with other devices in their fleet.

Lunar Gridshare bridges the gap between customers and the grid

Behind-the-meter value for the electric home

Lunar Gridshare bridges the gap between customers and the grid

Integrate with and control 3rd party DER, whether that’s ESS, EVSE, or HVAC

Maximize customer bill savings with daily AI predictions and optimization

Understand and act on your fleet’s data, all in one place

VPP platform for the decarbonizing grid

Lunar Gridshare bridges the gap between customers and the grid

Maximize revenue with our industry-leading, residential-first VPP engine

Ensure ongoing customer satisfaction by co-optimizing customer bill savings and VPP opportunities

Manage event dispatch and performance assessment across all your devices

Lunar Gridshare bridges the gap between customers and the grid

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