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EDP chooses Gridshare to deliver customer bill savings

Published on
March 18, 2024
5 min read
The logos of Gridshare and EDP

EDP customers in Portugal and Spain can expect to see additional savings on their energy bills thanks to new work the European energy retailer has begun with Gridshare. 

EDP is a global energy company and world leader in renewable energy that has already installed over 1.6GWp of solar distributed generation capacity in residential and business clients across 17 markets. Gridshare integrates with these distributed energy resources on the Iberian peninsula to provide automated optimization against customer tariffs so both the end customer and energy retailer can save money.

“Gridshare stands out for its global experience, dedicated software team, and ability to seamlessly manage API integrations — including from our battery partners. The platform streamlines large amounts of data enabling our lean team to focus on scaling new and innovative business models,” said Gonçalo Saraiva, Product Development Director at EDP. “As an organization, we aim to reduce costs, increase clean energy, and move toward a world with more all-electric homes. Our collaboration with Gridshare began with simulations, then an initial integration, and now we're looking forward to scaling integrations and device optimization to bring real savings to our customers.”

“The potential for distributed energy is enormous, but it can also be chaotic. That’s why we built Gridshare — to give companies the visibility, optimization, and controls they need to make the most of these resources and drive the energy transition forward,” said Ed Gunn, Senior Director of Commercial Sales at Lunar Energy. “This work accelerates what’s possible with residential clean energy in Portugal and Spain, and we look forward to scaling with EDP.”

Understanding the potential value of a fleet of distributed energy resources often starts with simulations. To learn what Gridshare can do for your business, get in touch with us here.

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