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Lunar Gridshare creates more stable, reliable, and renewable energy for all

Published on
October 30, 2022
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Lunar is on a mission to transform homes so they become collectors, storers and dispatchers of clean energy. Our electricity and gas has always been delivered to us from centralized systems powered, but we see a different future. A future where homes are resilient, smart, and all-electric. Where they connect together to help keep the grid stable. And most importantly, we see a future where consumers are at the heart of a zero-carbon energy system.

We acquired Moixa and their leading Gridshare software platform to make that future a reality. Lunar Gridshare is a cloud-based software platform that manages any type of home battery or EV charger—known as distributed energy resources or DERs—to optimize the grid and help customers maximize the value of their energy.

Gridshare provides many benefits including:

1. Reducing utility bills and carbon emissions by optimizing home batteries or EV chargers.
2. Protecting homeowners from grid outages by automatically charging their batteries to prevent a blackout.
3. Connecting homes to form Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) that help decarbonize the grid and keep it stable.
4. Providing a single platform (with APIs) so businesses can view and manage all their devices in one place.

Gridshare optimizes control of distributed energy resources

Gridshare uses machine learning to generate detailed energy generation and consumption predictions. Gridshare's artificial intelligence then creates an optimal control plan for the onsite assets aimed at reducing the customers' utility bill or carbon footprint. This optimization is carried out for every house, every day.

In Japan, Gridshare has been optimizing devices since 2019, and we now have 35,000 third-party batteries from our partner ITOCHU connected to the platform. Gridshare’s customer-centric and data-rich approach means we improve savings for them beyond the default modes of their devices.

Gridshare also helped Honda offer its EV customers a smart charging solution. Without a smart control system, EV owners have to monitor prices themselves and manually set charge schedules to make the most of dynamic energy tariffs. Our collaboration with Honda led to e:PROGRESS, an intelligent home EV charging offer for Honda electric customers in the UK. Using Gridshare, e:PROGRESS lets customers reduce charging costs with minimal effort.

Gridshare protects against grid outages

Additionally, Gridshare provides resilience, actively monitoring for weather alerts and charging up batteries when needed to ensure customers are prepared for a grid outage.

We recently saw Gridshare’s value in Japan with our partner, ITOCHU. Gridshare identified the potential risk posed by the incoming Typhoon Nanmadol, one of the largest storms to hit Japan in years. It then automatically charged up hundreds of home batteries to prepare for any potential blackout, ensuring homeowners could keep their house powered through the storm.

Gridshare aggregate homes into Virtual Power Plants

In addition to optimizing DERs like home batteries, Gridshare is able to connect and aggregate thousands of them into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). These VPPs can then import or export energy when needed most, retiring dirty peaker plants, resolving network constraints, and keeping the system balanced as more renewables come online.

Gridshare’s detailed view of power flows in homes means that we are able to get the best value from a fleet of devices but in a way that does not destroy bill savings for the end customer. We firmly believe that VPPs must work for customers if they are to scale.

Gridshare proved its VPP capabilities when it delivered several distribution network services for UK Power Networks in a few areas across the UK, such as Worthing and Littlehampton. Gridshare connected the residents’ home batteries into VPPs, dispatching energy in response to grid constraints and storing it when the grid had excess. As a result, homeowners in the area managed to get extra value from their home batteries and become active players in the energy market.

Gridshare is a device agnostic platform

Gridshare integrates with device types from various manufacturers, consolidates their data, and presents it in a standardized way. This means you can continue to get the benefits of Gridshare in the future as you procure new batteries, EV chargers, or heat pumps.

Gridshare also enables your data to be shown to customers in a standardized way. This lets you provide optimized DER services to customers within your own app. For instance, in our work with Honda, while the smart charging of the cars is handled by Gridshare, data is exposed to customers through Honda’s app.

Lunar Gridshare is the future

At Lunar, we want to transition homes worldwide to 100% clean energy. We’re committed to helping businesses deliver the new services needed to satisfy customers and decarbonize our energy systems.

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