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Lunar Gridshare: the digital backbone of the energy transition

Published on
September 18, 2022
5 min read

Relying solely on centralized power plants is a thing of the past. As more homeowners install solar and battery systems at home—and become their own decentralized, mini power plant—Lunar Gridshare is the software that enables every homeowner to share their power with the community at large.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gridshare automatically connects thousands of devices and aggregates them into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). These VPPs can then be dispatched in unison to provide support to the grid turning homeowners into active participants of the energy economy.

At Lunar, we believe that if we can make the energy transition worthwhile for homeowners, they will help drive decarbonization at scale. That's why we built Gridshare, to provide the digital backbone for the energy system of the future. An energy system where homeowners are empowered, resilient, and keep the lights on not just for themselves, but for the wider community.

Gridshare is easily scalable and can support many different use cases because of its architecture and data modeling capabilities. Gridshare is proven across multiple markets— from charging thousands of batteries in Japan in advance of an incoming typhoon to creating VPPs in the UK and optimizing UPS’ electric fleet with an intelligent charging schedule—creating more stable, reliable, and renewable energy for all.

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