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Most frequently asked questions

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Here are a few answers to questions we thought you might have. 

What is the Lunar System?

The Lunar System is a solar and battery product brilliantly designed to let you capture, store and use every ray of sunshine — day, night, and even during an outage. Homeowners and installers simply add solar panels to complete the system. 

Included in the Lunar System are four primary products:

  1. Lunar Battery: The most compact and powerful inverter and battery in its class.
  2. Lunar Bridge: Connects your home to the grid and acts as your electrical panel to monitor and send power where and when it’s needed.
  3. Lunar Maximizer: The name says it all. They optimize solar panels to squeeze power out of every last ray of sun.
  4. Lunar App: A simple and intuitive app putting the power in your hands. 

For us at Lunar, the Lunar System marks the first step toward endless clean energy for everyone. Our vision is a future where every home makes, stores, and controls its own solar energy. Once homes have all the energy they can use — and then some — it’s easier than ever to electrify everything: heating and cooling, cooking and drying, heating water and charging vehicles. 

Learn more about the Lunar System.

Where will the Lunar System be available?

The Lunar System will first be available in the US starting in California. We'll expand across the country and then go international. Share your email at the bottom of our website, and we’ll keep you up to date when we open new markets.

How much does the System cost?

At Lunar, we want to present you with the all-in system cost, so you know what you’re buying and the value you’re receiving—for everything.

While the hardware cost of the Lunar System is an important piece of the pricing puzzle, there's more to consider. The final price needs to take  into account solar panels and installation costs. These costs can vary widely depending on the unique needs of your home. 

Learn more about how the entire system is priced.

1. The 30% residential federal investment tax credit (ITC) is available to any U.S. taxpayer who purchases a solar electric system. Energy storage paired with solar systems are considered qualified expenditures eligible for the tax credit. Always consult a tax professional to evaluate your specific situation. 2. Number based on a typical household with 5 kWdc solar and 20 kWh Lunar System, under PG&E NEM3 rate. The exact payback depends on multiple factors like your energy consumption, utility tariff, system size, and whether you buy or lease your system. Some utility tariffs may not result in savings for customers. We recommend working with our Lunar Installation partners to find out the right solution for your home. 3. Where programs are available.

What is the right system size for me?

We want to make sure you always have the right setup for your electrical needs today and into the future. The best way to determine which size System is right for you is by visiting our design tool.

How can I have endless energy?

By adding the right size solar and Lunar System to your home, you're able to generate, store and use clean energy. Assuming the sun shines and rises the next day, you can continue to recharge the Lunar System and run your home 24/7 off clean energy.

Why Lunar?

To date, it’s been too complex and cumbersome for homeowners to take the first step towards clean energy. While we at Lunar spend quite a bit of time discussing inverter efficiency, battery chemistry, and electrical controls, we appreciate not everyone shares these interests. Most would rather have something that works seamlessly, looks great, and makes the complicated clear. 

So we did just that. We worked through all the complexity to deliver a brilliantly designed product with high performance, endless adaptability, and an app that puts the power in your hands.

Brilliantly designed

Our brilliant, iF award-winning design has only two (not the standard four to five) boxes on the wall: the Lunar Battery and the Lunar Bridge. We minimize the number of boxes, conduits, and disconnects so that customers can enjoy a clean, sleek look of the system.

We also know that we all have different tastes when it comes to décor, and so we offer a choice of colors between blue and white to suit your home.

High performance

We offer you 2.5% more usable energy because we cut back on the number of conversions in electricity and associated energy losses. That’s like 6 months more energy from the same home energy system over 20 years.

We also have a compact and mighty hybrid inverter rated at nearly 10 kW. This means you can power your home through an outage without a worry.

Endlessly adaptable

The entire Lunar System is highly configurable. Install it inside or outside your house, in a basement, on a wall or on a floor: whatever works wherever.

It is also modular, built in 5 kWh blocks offering the perfect system size for any home. And want to add more storage in the future? It’s as easy as adding another block of power.

Intuitive software

The Lunar App lets you see at a glance what your System is doing now, what it did yesterday, what it plans to do tomorrow — so you’re ready for whatever blows your way.

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