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Introducing Lunar Energy

Published on
August 28, 2022
5 min read

There is something innate and pure about creating your own energy and not relying on anyone else for power, one of the basic essentials of our human existence. While rooftop solar has been a great step towards increasing adoption of clean energy, solar power alone is not the solution to achieve complete energy independence for homeowners. People want to run their homes 24/7 off of clean energy and are demanding products that are affordable, intuitive and all electric.

We founded Lunar Energy to do exactly that—build desirable products that help transition homes to 100% clean energy, and I’m excited for the company to emerge from stealth after two years since inception.

Lunar exists to make it easy for every home to transition to clean energy

Our goal is for every homeowner to feel the freedom that comes from harnessing the power of the sun, storing it in a battery and using that clean energy to power everything under our roofs. It’s the certainty that comes from knowing power will be there when you need it. And as we move towards electrifying everything, Lunar is the foundation that will power homes of the future while also supporting the grid.

We see a future where everyone is a member of the energy economy

Once every home has their own personal power plant, we can easily share energy with the community. Just as you rent your home on Airbnb, you can lend your home’s power when you have excess—and make money from it. Lunar's Gridshare software does it automatically by aggregating and dispatching Lunar Homes as Virtual Power Plants. This can help avoid the need for utility companies to build more natural gas peaker plants as millions of homes generating and storing their own energy can be a source for peak power for the broader grid. The modern All Electric Home is a win-win for both homeowners and utility companies.

There are no shortcuts to building transformational products

It is not trivial to build this hardware and software ecosystem. It requires investment in hiring the best team, an infrastructure for R&D and product development, and a robust supply chain to scale up manufacturing. For that reason, Lunar raised $300M over the last 2 years from two amazing investors Sunrun and the SK Group, both of who are at the forefront of all things electrification and decarbonization.

On the people front, the Lunar team has been heads down building the greatest talent pool in mechanical, electrical, firmware, systems, test, software and operations. We have nearly 250 passionate people across the US and Europe designing an energy system from the ground up that is modern, flexible and intuitive, all things essential for widespread adoption by homeowners. Our European software team comes from Moixa, the virtual power plant software company we acquired. They manage one of the largest behind the meter battery fleets in the world with over 35,000 home batteries in Japan.

I am grateful for the teammates at Lunar who are extremely mission driven and work day in and day out to help achieve our ambitious goals. We are excited to unveil our first product, a next-generation home battery system in the coming months. Today, we take the first step in coming out of stealth announcing our commitment to the energy transition.

Join us as we transition homes to 100% clean energy.

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