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Discover the story behind our name, Lunar Energy

Published on
October 31, 2022
5 min read

There are many ways to address climate change. Lunar Energy is focused on the residential market since over 40% of US emissions come from cars and appliances at home. We’re focused on helping homeowners get off of fossil fuels and transition to 100% clean energy. To achieve our mission, we are focusing on two main areas:

1. We want to electrify all homes. We’re first starting with a home battery system to empower homeowners. We want to turn homeowners into active members of the energy economy by giving them the freedom to generate, store and control their own clean energy and share it with their communities.

2. We want to connect communities and share energy. Through smart software, we can connect thousands of home batteries to form Virtual Power Plants that can then be dispatched in unison to keep the lights on and balance the grid.

The scope of what we're looking to achieve hasn't been done before, so our team came up with a name that was large enough to invite everyone in to join us on our mission to transition homes to 100% clean energy.

Just as the moon has associations with optimism, wonder, and excitement, we want Lunar Energy to be inclusive, warm and evoke positive feelings as we help our neighbors transition to clean energy.

Join the fast-growing Lunar team making a lasting impact on our planet.

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