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a clean break.

This is clean energy
for all of us.

The power couple.

Solar and battery, designed to work together.
Meet the all new, all-in-one Lunar System. It is stunningly compact, including everything you need to capture more clean energy and power everything in your home.

Just add solar panels to make, use, store and control your own energy—day and night, foul weather or fair.
Design your System
more energy from your solar panels

Beauty. And beast.

Powerful performance that’s wall-worthy.
It’s what happens when great designers and great engineers work together toward a single ambitious goal.

Its compact size makes the smallest demands of your wall space. And as your percentage of solar power goes up, your energy costs go down, down, down.
iF design award logo
Our industrial design was recognized by the international iF Design Award Jury
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more compact
on average

Bridge to endless energy.

Electrical grid optional.
The Lunar Bridge is the essential connection between your beautiful home and the grid outside.

When it senses the first flicker of the grid, the Bridge automatically takes control, keeping the power flowing through an outage.
Design your System

Tried. Tested. True.

Designed to go all out, all the time.
The Lunar System is built for the world as it is: an environment of increasing extremes.

We put every part of the system through a series of brutal tests — hot or cold or wet or dry. It’s the best-engineered response to the worst possible conditions.
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up to
-4ºF to 122ºF
without a sweat

Endlessly Adaptable.

A modular system fit for every home.
The entire Lunar System is highly adaptable and configurable. Install it inside or outside your house, in a basement, on a wall or on a floor:  whatever works wherever.

The battery can be installed in about 3 hours. This saves you, your family and the installer time—and you, money.
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Stackable 5 kWh battery modules that can grow with your demand.

Open app.
Operate sun.

The Lunar App. Powerful, simple, intuitive.
The Lunar App lets you see at a glance what your System is doing now, what it did yesterday, what it plans to do tomorrow — so you’re ready for whatever blows your way.

The App’s predictive AI not only keeps track of the weather and protects you from outages but serves as a proactive supersaver: helping you make money by using grid, solar and battery power when the costs are lowest.
iF design award logo
Our App UX design was recognized by the International iF Design Award jury.

Lunar System

The Lunar System includes the Lunar Battery, Bridge, Maximizers, and app. It’s a single system for maximum power.
Usable Energy
10 kWh - 30 kWh,
extendable by 5 kWh blocks
Output power
9.6 kW Continuous 
15 kW Peak (5s)
Backup Experience
134 A max LRA start
Seamless backup transition
UL 9540A indoor and outdoor
The most compact and powerful inverter and battery in its class.
Block Size (battery or inverter)
10.6 x 24.4 x 13.5’’ (L x W x D)
Battery block: 94 lb
Inverter block: 42 lb
Indoor or outdoor
Wall or floor mount
Conduit entry from either side or hidden
Single 50A breaker for inverter + battery
12.5 years
Connects your home to the grid and acts as your electrical panel to monitor and send power where and when it’s needed.
20 space / 40 circuits
Indoor or outdoor
Wall or semi-flush mount
Current Rating
200A breaker / 225A busbar
Max Short Circuit Current
22 kA
12.5 years
The name says it all. They optimize solar panels to squeeze power out of every last ray of sun.
Max Input Power
420 W
PV String Size
8 - 20 Modules per string
Max 3 Strings
Module-level MPPT and rapid shutdown
Rack or panel mount
25 years

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