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Introducing the Lunar System

Published on
June 21, 2023
5 min read

In the northern hemisphere today is the summer solstice, reminding us of the largest source of clean energy — the Sun. We receive more clean solar power during the day than we could ever use. But the Sun doesn’t shine at night, and some days clouds roll in making solar alone an insufficient source of energy. So, over the past three years we’ve built nothing short of a time machine — something that moves the day to the night, and gives us endless sun, endless energy.

Today we’re introducing the Lunar System, our first consumer hardware product. It’s an all-in-one solar and battery system that lets consumers generate, store, and control their own energy. We see a future where every home has low energy bills, zero power outages, and an opportunity to earn money by providing power to the grid when it needs it most. The Lunar System makes that future possible.

Single system for endless energy

The Lunar System wrings complexity out of clean energy. To date, it has been too cumbersome for homeowners to install clean energy products and individually evaluate different inverters, batteries, controls, and electrical panels. We want people to have a single system that works seamlessly, looks great, and simplifies complexity. 

By making an all-in-one system, we could also focus on the aesthetics of the complete system. Other systems require more than four boxes of components drilled into a home’s walls. We streamlined that and made a product 47% more compact than other existing solutions. This design rigor resulted in the Lunar System winning iF Design Awards for User Experience and Building Technology, also announced today.

A perfect fit for every home

The heart of the system is the Lunar Battery: a single unit containing battery modules and a hybrid 10 kW inverter powerful enough to backup everything in the home, including power-hungry HVAC systems. Homeowners can choose a system ranging from 10 kWh to 30 kWh in the same single unit thanks to the Lunar Battery’s individual 5 kWh battery blocks. As customers add more electrical devices, adding more battery storage is a literal snap — simply stack another battery block into the unit. This design flexibility enables a perfect fit for homes today and in the future.

Never without power

Everyone across the US has experienced increased power outages. We know they're on the rise. But Lunar customers will never notice.

The Lunar Bridge — which can double as a main electrical panel — monitors grid stability and switches a home from grid to battery power in under 30 milliseconds, fast enough that lights don’t flicker, and clocks don’t need to be reset. The system even watches the weather, charging the battery in anticipation of severe weather.

When an outage does occur, the Lunar Switch, inside the Lunar Bridge, automatically drops non-essential appliances, such as pool pumps or electric vehicle chargers, to prioritize necessary appliances. The Switch makes a smart circuit out of any breaker, allowing for even more flexibility in system design.

An app that gives clarity

The Lunar App prioritizes understanding for Lunar customers — not just raw data and graphs.

Questions such as: “How much energy am I making and using? How long could my system operate in an outage? What’s the best way to optimize my system for bill savings?” are answered in a glance. 

And features such as Sundial make it fun and easy to see historical system performance and future energy predictions with the scroll of a thumb.

Accessible for millions of homes

There’s never been a better time for solar and storage. Utility energy prices are on the rise nationwide. States such as California and Hawaii now incentivize battery storage in addition to solar power alone. At the federal level, a 30% tax credit on these systems was recently extended. All this momentum puts clean energy within reach for millions more customers. 

In California, the country’s largest solar and storage market, the economics for a homeowner go like this: An average home with a 20 kWh Lunar System paired with 5kW of solar would see that system pay for itself within seven years. If paying for that system with a loan or a lease, the very first payment would be lower than a customer would have otherwise paid on their electricity bill.

Sunrun, our key strategic and commercial partner, will begin taking customer orders and installing Lunar Systems this fall. We will soon be announcing other installation partners along the way. 

Homeowners can reserve a Lunar system here.

Installers can visit our partner page to find more information on partnerships.  

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