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Designing for the next 10 million home batteries

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Matt Jones

This summer, Lunar was awarded two prizes by the iF international design jury both for our hardware and our software.

Elegant design is at the heart of what we do at Lunar. From the inception of the company, our aim has been to revolutionize the way we power our homes not only with innovative technology - but how that technology shows up in our life. 

On the hardware side that means constantly working every detail to remove complexity from this new category - to create the simplest, and most beautiful, reliable and powerful home energy system possible. As a result we’ve been rewarded with an iF 2023 award in the product category.

On the software side we’re creating intuitive interfaces to understand and harness endless energy every day. There’s a stack of AI working on your behalf here,  but what you have at your fingertips is a clear way to control all that cleverness. 

Making your own homemade electrons, storing them and then using that endless clean energy whenever you want should be fun! Our user experience reflects that — balancing playfulness with legibility.

We’re very proud to see our Lunar app recognized for this in the iF 2023 user experience (UX) category. 

On both our hardware and software, our leadership and in-house teams worked closely with our design partners Daylight Design. Their foundational work on our brand, industrial design and app UX is a huge part of this success. Congratulations on the iF awards to the team there, from all of us!

We hope this is just the beginning of the difference thoughtful design can make to the energy transition. Not just for Lunar but the wider industry. 

What could that difference be? Installers appreciate the design considerations we’ve made to make the install faster and their day easier. Or - of course - homeowners simply enjoying their Lunar-powered lives.

The two iF awards are a great validation of how we're prioritizing elegant design. And we're just getting started. We'll continue to put people at the center of everything we do so they can enjoy the benefits of endless energy.

Check out this video to hear from our engineering, business, and product teams — as well as yours truly — on design’s place at Lunar. And follow us on Instagram, where we will continue to show how we’re building our products. 

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Matt Jones
Matt Jones
Head of Design